Terms & Conditions

All classes are only available in a block booking. You will need to make payment and text/message to book in for each class. Please note: 24hr cancellation policy. If you can’t attend the class you have booked please give 24 hours notice and you will not be charged, thank you!

Payments can be made online www.cherry-dance.com ‘online bookings’ ‘group class’ ‘select class’ ‘choose any date’ ‘make payment’. Contact Cheryl to book class. You will be given an option for an automated reminder. (Every Monday a text to ask you what classes you would like to book for the week) 

Please note there is a 3 month expiry on all classes booked, if you do not use all your classes within 3 months from the date you purchased them you will need to pay for more classes.

Cherry Dance has a no refund policy

If you are booked into a class and give less than 24hours notice to cancel you will be charged for the class